Trend Fad T Shirt of the Week

Am I a chronic pessimist? A profound question for a Tuesday evening. True? Maybe. Fair? Perhaps not. Boredom? Maybe. Deliberate action to remove myself from the trend? Hmm…I think that is maybe closer.

I can remember when the internet really began to be social. I can remember when I first came across the word ‘Blog’. What is that supposed to be? All started with MSN Spaces and the popularity that was Messenger. A perfect way to keeping in touch with people and the very first popular real-time communication vessel. Now I don’t know anyone who actually uses Messenger? I do have one big thing to thank to Messenger though.

Facebook changed things in a big way. There wasn’t much that was innovative or different on Facebook initially and the functionality was limited. Poke people, turn them into a vampire, send people flowers, vote for each other and upload some photos. Anything else? I can remember when I first set up a profile, I was really disappointed that I could not customise it to how I wanted it. I was a fan of MySpace initially as I could have the freedom to make my profile really different. As well as uploading photos, music, message people and post blogs etc.

It is incredible to see how the two horse race was won by the slower horse. Really it was! It was almost like a two cars coming on the market, one with power steering, AC, ABS, Sat Nav, bigger engine, stronger chassis, Slip Diff etc etc, the other with only half of that. Both at the same price. The winner, is the latter less features car. Why? Popularity.

Another similar fad that gets me confused. PC and Mac. To use the car analogy once more, the PC that is unreliable, cheaply made and slow against the stunning, reliable and fast Mac. Most people wish to drive the slow car that breaks down often. Why? Popularity.

In this world of innovation and design, it is not always the best that wins. Remember Betamax? What can often be a market leader, is just simply down to what is popular because if everyone else has one, you want one too.

I have set up a new Facebook account despite my whining and complaining. Don’t hate me, I’m just like you.