Three hundred horses under your right foot

Another farewell is coming to an old friend. Its been in the family a long time and done its job well. The thing that I most regret about it is that perhaps I didn’t give it as much attention as I should have. So after nearly 4 years my Focus is being sold on. I will actually miss it greatly as (touch wood) it never gave me any mechanical strife or left me by the side of the road in the pissing wind and rain – for that I’m eternally grateful. Our only differences lied in the playing of CDs…I maintained that I should be able to listen to them whilst driving but, alas, my stereo disagreed. We could have gotten along so well but my relationship with my CD player was never a successful one.

The decision was made quicker that I had initially thought and I found it easy to say goodbye. Not that I didn’t love it but that it was time to move on. It won’t be long until I move into my city apartment where I won’t actually need my car much, apart from the weekend bit of fun and trips down to Notts et al. Another bright light is that I’ll at least have the MX5 to play around in on the odd weekends.

So now the plan is forming for a new set of wheels. I’m thinking big this time and something to satisfy my needs as a red blooded man who likes cars. Hmm, the list is long and distinguished but for some reason I’m swaying towards a Nissan 350z. Don’t know why but thinking it would be a lot of fun. Other thoughts include Focus RS, TT, S2000, Skyline or perhaps Civic Type R or Golf GTi. I even saw an M3 on the market for £10k recently. So, with all that in mind I’m thinking of at least 250 – 300 bhp to play with. Now that would be muchos funnus!

City apartment with weekend rocket…hmm many exciting things ahead.

Fancy a spin?