Top 20 Sci Fi Movies Of All Time

The top 20 SciFi movies of all time

This post is thanks to the most wise friend of mine, Henry. We had a little chat on Facebook and he made me realise that my previous list omitted too many classics. So, in response and thinking hard about my childhood obsession with SciFi movies, I’ve re-done the list to be the top 20. Again these are in no particular order:

The top 10 20 SciFi movies of all time

1: Alien

Yes, I did consider this one and there was a definite reason I didn’t include it the first time around. To be honest, I can’t actually remember why I didn’t include it but anyhow…here it is. A true classic and the source of many nightmares when I was 6 years old.

2: Dune

Yes Henry, I did completely miss this one out and again for no reason. A mammoth book to read but truly awesome in its vision, Frank Herbert’s Dune is a truly epic SciFi masterpiece. David Lynch had a real task of condensing the book into a vision but hats off to him, he did a very good job.

3: Star Trek 3 – The Search For Spock

One of the many movies I watched over and over again as a kid. Ok, so its not really the best of the series and it’s a bit on the Sam/Frodo bromance-possibly gay friendship story side but the special effects were pretty good at the time. Its also good for seeing Christopher Lloyd, (Dr Emmet Brown from Back to the Future) made up as a Clingon.

4: Tron

An 80s classic…maybe for all the wrong reasons. For years it was one of those movies that most people hadn’t seen or heard of. In the words of Homer Simpson, “Its like…has anyone seen that movie Tron? No? Oh well its like that”. A movie made good by only one thing, those superbike were a thing of wonder to all kids during the 80. Or to those who have actually seen the movie.

5: Predator

To make this a concise entry, I shall list the only thing that I don’t like about this movie. The musical score gets on my nerves. Simply too much of it and not the right kind of music to represent suspense in the jungle. Other then that it was awesome.

6: The Terminator

Not the sequel as personally I felt it was a bit pants. The original was is a true classic and made so much better with those future flashbacks (or maybe flashforwards?) by Kyle Reese that showed an amazing picture of the future. Albeit showing a world in a state of total dismay.

7: The Abyss

This has to be on the list for the brilliance of the film making. Name me another action/SciFi movie set underwater? In fact, name me any other movie set entirely underwater! There you go. All filmed in a giant water tank and one of the most demanding acting requirements of any movie of the last 20 years.

8: Total Recall

Arnie again! Looking back at his career, he should have only made SciFi movies as they were all his best. However, a SciFi action movie with an above average plot? That has to make anyone’s list for sure.

9: Pitch Black

Low in budget, no real superstar actors, not drenched in CGI and shot almost totally on location. They don’t make many of these true, back to basics SciFi movies anymore and this is a classic. A good plot and very strong characters, namely the brilliant Riddick, this was a real gem on release.

10: Serenity

I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of the series Firefly until recently. Whoops. However, no-one can admit to knowing it all so I’ll concede I made an error here. However, I loved this movie on release and just like Pitch Black above, it was filled with great characters and fantastic screenplay courtesy of Joss Whedon from Buffy the Vampire fame.

The following list are from the original top 10 post so will be repeated in list form:

  • 11: The Empire Strikes Back
  • 12: Sunshine
  • 13: A Scanner Darkly
  • 14: Blade Runner
  • 15: Cypher
  • 16: The Last Starfighter
  • 17: Solaris
  • 18: 2001 / 2010
  • 19: 12 Monkeys
  • 20: Dark City

There you go, a pretty decent list of SciFi if I don’t mind saying so myself. I’ll take any suggestions for additions but won’t take any criticism of the ones I have included.

May the Federation be back etc…

  1. stuowensstuowens01-06-2013

    Good shout from Stew – The Thing. Definitely worthy of a nod.

  2. PhilipPhilip01-10-2013

    Moon is a very good modern yet simple sci-fi movie.