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The Top 10 SciFi Movies of All Time

[Update: The updated top 20 list can now be found at The top 20 SciFi movies of all time]

I like SciFi becuase I like things that explode. Ok, so that last part is a bit of a fib as things don’t┬ánecessarily have to explode to make a good SciFi movie. Or do they..?

SciFi rocks purely because it shows a vision of the future but most of all because it shows real creativity. Someone really sat down (or stood depending on his/her writing style) and let their imagination run wild. The other thing about SciFi movies is that things don’t necessarily have to make sense or follow a coherent plot. Some things can be implied, some can be blatant and some can be downright silly. But the bottom line is, you can’t get better movie entertainment than SciFi.

So in no particular order, here are my top 10 SciFi movies of all time (or so far anyway):

10: The Empire Strikes Back

I had to include a Star Wars movie as I’m a bloke in my 30s. However, this is by far my favourite of the three as it was darker, more enjoyable.

9: Sunshine

One of my favourite Danny Boyle movies of all time. It was well filmed, exciting and one of the better disaster movies of the last decade. All filmed in a warehouse and with a bleak outlook on the future…but with a good ending.

8: A Scanner Darkly

You could argue that this isn’t a true SciFi movie in the same vein as the rest but this is set in the not-so-distant-future. Dark, uncertain, sometimes complicated and with not a single likeable character in the whole movie. An understated Phillip K. Dick story.

7: Blade Runner

Another Phillip K. Dick SciFi masterpiece and a true all time great. Along with The Empire Strikes Back, this is one of the movies that got me into SciFi.

6: Cypher

An understated and mostly un-heard of SciFi movie. I loved the plot and I love that no-one I know has ever seen this movie.

5: The Last Starfighter

If anyone were to watch this movie now, you’d think it sucks donkey balls. Just like The Goonies, its an 80s movie to love when you’re a kid and not to appreciate when you’re all grown up like. A nineteen eighties classic and a childhood favourite of mine.

4: Solaris

One of the rare movies where the remake is better than the original. Only one word to describe this movie; beautiful. Beautifully shot, beautifully acted and beautifully realised.

3: 2001 / 2010

Controversially, a tie this one. Also a controversial point is that I prefer the sequel. Yes I do but I’ll remind you that this is my list and not yours. Stanley Kubric created a movie truly ahead of its time…but growing up in the 80s I watched the sequel with great joy.

2: 12 Monkeys

I love this movie mostly because it is the only movie about time travel that makes sense. All other time travel movies trip over themselves with the plot and make mistakes, not Terry Gilliam’s master piece!

1: Dark City

I fell in love with this movie as soon as I saw it. A true classic and something that any other SciFi movie hasn’t come close to yet. A surprise gem of a movie!

Just outside the list: Alien (yes outside the top 10 for me), The Terminator (the original, not the crappy sequel), Mad Max, Pitch Black, Star Trek (the JJ Abrams version), The Matrix, Event Horizon, Serenity and Total Recall (the Arnie version).

Please feel free to let me know if I’ve missed any out.

[Update: There were too many movies I seem to have neglected on this list so I’m therefore going to create a Top 20 list.]