The Tai Pan Unplugged

I’ve been offline and unplugged before but never whilst being at home and during term time. On holiday its simples as there are not supposed to be any distractions. Being away is quite the point of being offline…isn’t it?

I’ve moved into my apartment and been without Broadband for nearly 3 weeks now. The upshot is I’m finding it just a wee bit difficult. Being without my blog or my work and my other online business is proving to be a struggle.

Still, I’ve been watching a lot of movies recently – including an entire catalogue of Muay Thai – and the across-the-road pub is proving a real winner. There’s always a million things to do and Leeds does kick ass for being able to just being able to do something fun and interesting.

Living in Leeds city centre does rock the caskills…now if only I could get online…