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  • Top 20 Sci Fi Movies Of All Time

    The top 20 SciFi movies of all time

    This post is thanks to the most wise friend of mine, Henry. We had a little chat on Facebook and he made me realise that my previous list omitted too many classics. So, in response and thinking hard about my childhood obsession with SciFi movies, …

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  • Sci Fi Shizz

    The Top 10 SciFi Movies of All Time

    [Update: The updated top 20 list can now be found at The top 20 SciFi movies of all time] I like SciFi becuase I like things that explode. Ok, so that last part is a bit of a fib as things don’t┬ánecessarily have to explode …

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  • Its a wonderful town

    During the summer, on a hazy warm Sunday evening and being overcome with boredom, I picked up the Broadway cinema guide and thumbed through the listings. For some reason that month, I hadn’t read it as fully as it thought and missed a listing about an amazing Thai movie called ‘Wonderful Town’.

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