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Home of the travelling SEO & Online Marketing chap from no-where in particular. I travel, I take photos, I help businesses succeed online and I blog about things that make me smile. Life's a journey and everyone wants to be found.

About The TaiPan

I Travel

1My lust for experiencing new cultures and beautiful landscapes has taken me all over the world.


I Take Photos

2I’m not proclaiming that I’m an awesome photographer…just that I love it so much.

I Photograph

I Work in Digital

3I work in digital media and I love it. Design, development and marketing rock my world.


I Love Guitars

4My guitar is my one true escape from the world and it has to be loud, low and rock hard!


  • Andoid Vs IOS

    My Nine Month Android vs iOS Road Test

    I’ve gone on record many times before with my displeasure and overall hatred of PCs and Windows based devices. Yes I was quite vociferous in my Apple Vs PC debating several years ago but now I feel that I’m well and truly beyond that and happy …

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  • Top 20 Sci Fi Movies Of All Time

    The top 20 SciFi movies of all time

    This post is thanks to the most wise friend of mine, Henry. We had a little chat on Facebook and he made me realise that my previous list omitted too many classics. So, in response and thinking hard about my childhood obsession with SciFi movies, …

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  • IMG 2801

    Adventures in Myanmar

    There have always been two countries which deeply fascinated me and both for different reasons; North Korea and Burma. Looking at both, you’d think I had some sort of military dictatorship obsession that led me to want to become either a communist or total fascist. Wrong …

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