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Home of the travelling SEO & Online Marketing chap from no-where in particular. I travel, I take photos, I help businesses succeed online and I blog about things that make me smile. Life's a journey and everyone wants to be found.

About The TaiPan

I Travel

1My lust for experiencing new cultures and beautiful landscapes has taken me all over the world.


I Take Photos

2I’m not proclaiming that I’m an awesome photographer…just that I love it so much.

I Photograph

I Work in Digital

3I work in digital media and I love it. Design, development and marketing rock my world.


I Love Guitars

4My guitar is my one true escape from the world and it has to be loud, low and rock hard!


  • Monsal Project Management

    Back to Project Management Portfolio Monsal are an established environmental technology company that specialise in the treatment of organic waste to produce energy, via a process known as Anaerobic Digestion. They previously had a content managed website that was built in early 2004 and had …

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  • Web Blinds Email Marketing

    Back to Online Marketing Portfolio During the run up to Christmas 2007, the Hillary’s group of websites were promoted via a very large email marketing campaign. The two main eCommerce  websites, and, were promoted to not only the full database of customers but …

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  • Adrenalin Jungle Online Marketing

    Back to Online Marketing Portfolio To compliment the Search Engine Optimisation, the Adrenalin Jungle also has a variety of different online marketing campaigns. This includes such activities as viral marketing, social networking, banner advertising and voucher promotion. Through connecting with customers by engaging in social …

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