One door closed is another one opened

One of my greatest strengths is being able to deal with change. Sometimes its hard for me to understand how people can get so caught up in their lives and be unhappy, while being too scared to change it. I suppose it has had a lot to do with how I’ve grown up, the choices I’ve made and my own sense of adventure. Moving around a bit when I was younger did help and growing up with the sense that there is lots to experience out there in the big wide world has contributed to it as well. Add in a family history of nomadic tendencies and intrepid travel so I guess I was destined for change every now and again.

Returning home from my first travel adventure all those years ago

Returning home from my first travel adventure all those years ago

This post is not to moan or complain but to kind of celebrate my own sense of adventure. I’ve recently left the city of Nottingham…for the fourth time! After University, the first time was a bit sad as it felt like the end of an era. The second time was the beginning of adventure and travelling the world. The third time was a significant and most awesome life experience of living abroad. Now the fourth time. This time really means something though, it was made after months of planning, preparation, introspection and (dare I say it) necessity. The best thing is that I can take these things in my stride these days. One thing I have learned about getting older is that you definitely become more resilient in dealing with things.

So a definite career move was in order and this was what it was all about. I’d spent a long time planning this move to coincide with opportunity and being ready for the change. When I told people what I was planning to do they were and were not shocked. The shock was from me actually calling it quits and saying I’m moving to a new location. Then again, people who knew me well then realised that this was me and I can easily do this sort of thing.

I like Nottingham and I guess I always will. There are a lot of things wrong with the place but I’m not intending to go there right now. Suffice to say that I had a good time there and I got the necessary experience I needed to be where I am today. It also served as a good reason to motivate me to do the things I did. Am I making sense? No? Jolly good :) I will miss the place but I knew that it was not providing me with what I wanted and needed. Funny thing is I didn’t actually think I would stay there long term. There was always a better opportunity looming that I was preparing for.

So here I am in a big move again. This is a good one and with stacks of opportunity and absolutely the best decision I’ve made. Right now I’m feeling pretty proud of myself that I can take on this challenge and also be not afraid of it. Change can be a difficult thing for the ego but it can do wonders for the soul. New job, new city, new challenge and new environment. It helps me to see things from a new perspective, enrich my experiences and allows me to grow as a person. It can be very difficult to make a new life somewhere new but I know that it will be ok. Nothing can be as hard as living in Taiwan for the first year, not knowing anyone or not being able to speak the language. That was life being hard and I like to remind myself that I got through that so this is nothing!

A new challenge awaits in Leeds and I’m ready!

Some things I’ve been thinking about this week:

  • Am I ready for this? HELL YES!
  • Experience counts for a lot
  • I’ve always loved Leeds
  • First impressions count
  • The right environment can really make you bloom
  • Sometimes its good to feel just a little bit scared…always makes you realise that it really means a lot to you!