Movember Moustache Madness

Its November and its time not to shave. The best part of this is that its all for charity. Was there a better cause to look a total tit then for charity? Well, perhaps not but its all good fun and at least we have a team spirit. Its all about Movember.


I can remember the last time I did this was at Uni. We all decided to have a bet and see who could grow the best ‘tache in a week. The funny thing was that we all went the whole week with a beard (no-one wanted to just shave and leave the moustache) and then have a shave on the morning of the parade. I can remember having a shave to leave the ‘tache and being totally horrified. “There’s no way I’m going out of the house looking like this” I thought. The best part was that everyone had the same thought and shaved completely. There was only Andy P with his proud as Larry moustache looking like a total tit. And we all laughed.

So this time I’m older and have that ‘couldn’t give a crap what people think’ attitude so I’m going for it. However, I’m not just ready to bear the ‘tache just yet so I’m growing the beard…for now. Then the ‘tache will appear.

This will be a weekly update with how stoopid I look with a ‘tache. Enjoy :)