Many things beginning with F

The TaiPan new Online MarketingIt has literally been one of those weeks…or should I say months? If fact, so far it really has been one of those years. The less I go into detail about that the better really as I don’t want to splatter my blog with tales of woe and melancholy. Anyhow, 2010 has been a year that will spark many changes.

Something that has been bothering me for such a long time is the WordPress update requirements. When I first started this blog last year, I was running version 2.7.8. Nothing wrong with that and the appearance was pretty much the same as version 2.8 and even 2.9. Over a couple of months is it really necessary to have so many updates? I had a few clients who noticed the ‘Upgrade Now to Version…’ appear at the top of the blog and after clicking it promptly called me to say what they had done and now the blog doesn’t appear. The automatic upgrade, in my opinion is bollocks.

So after much deliberation and preparation I decided to try the upgrade myself. In fact, come to think of it I was trying to install a plugin that required Version 2.9 to run. Yes, that was the catalyst I remember now. So into the upgrade process I went and I promptly made a hash of things. Completely. I even managed to loose the entire back end and the whole blog became a blank page. Never fear, this kind of thing really makes you learn…fast! Off came WordPress from the server and my old holding page was put back. Not very professional but I there you go. WordPress 2.9.2 downloaded and put on the server and then start the upgrade process manually. About one month later The Tai Pan is back online with a new design. Needless to say I’m happy now and really pleased with my ability to get myself out of trouble. Again.

So now I have taken my WordPress skills to the next level by totally destroying my site only to resurrect it to enlightened glory (if I don’t mind saying so myself lol). More to come with this and never a dull moment with playing with stuff. Anyhow, I did make things even better and also learned in the process. Only when you’ve totally wrecked something can you only see how to rebuild it to even greater heights. Hmm, I like that :)

And yes, F has been toned down a bit these days but still lingering. One crisis down, one bigger one to go. Wish my luck!

  1. Alistair ThomasAlistair Thomas03-02-2010

    Maybe WordPress 2.9 is a cunning plot to absorb SEO time and prevent development of other projects! Maybe there should be a chargeback to WordPress for wasted time resulting from poor software. We should see all the beta sites that rely on the users to show up bugs disappear.