Leeds Canal

Its as clear as black and white

I recently got myself (finally) a new DSLR. It was quite a momentous occasion for me really as  I had been putting it off for so long. Before I go on, I’m going to have to make a promise to myself that I won’t blabber on about how much I miss 35mm film. I do. I really do. Gone are those days and gone is the awesome lab I used to use. Saturday was a pretty enticing day whilst browsing Urban Outfitters and seeing the old school Fisheye lens cameras, complete with film. Yes that was a pretty special find…

Back to the here and now, with more focus on the digital world – my new DSLR. After much deliberating on the choice between the Canon EOS 550d or the Nikon d5100, I finally selected the Canon. Seen as my previous bridging camera was a Canon and has served me well in so many respects, taken some beautiful photos and remained a close travel partner of mine for so long, I had a lot to look forward to with the new camera. Just in case there is any interest behind the Canon bridging camera, it was the Powershot G7 that was my trusted companion for many years. A truly epic compact camera that I can heartily recommend.

So now that I’ve upgraded my photographic equipment, I can now bask in the glory of greater ISO sensitivity, more sophisticated manual controls and much finer photos. What is most important is the impending journey to Burma which is oh so important to have ready. Exploring the wilderness of a truly off the beaten track destination is truly going to be epic.

Since purchasing my new camera, I’ve been exploring the world of Black and White photography in more detail. The most exciting thing about this though is that I finally don’t have to worry about the shoddy workmanship of the photo labs in developing B&W film. I can remember having a running argument with a lab for not doing my shots right. You’ve missed the contrast says I. We most certainly have not replied they. Look at the negatives, you can see cloud definition said I. Err, that…that’s a pigeon replied they. Yes, a pigeon indeed.

So far, I’ve almost filled up my memory card with plenty experimentations of B&W photography. Not all are good by some are quite superb (if I don’t say so myself). Now I’m back in control of my photography, I feel somewhat of a sell-out to say that I can now get the shots that I want without film. How I miss Super8 in Taipei! Experimentation is the key going forward and I’m greatly looking forward to exploring this further. Without film.

I love B&W photography so much that I’ve even got an awesome Hipstamatic App lens kit to do this on the fly. It’s not bad, not bad at all and accompanies me where ever I go. The retro look of the app means I can capture some pretty cool photos in B&W on nights out. And of course, everyone looks better in B&W.

For my enjoyment…and changing my ways…cheers to the Canon EOS 550d.