I hate Modern Art

Yes that is a bold statement but I don’t care…I really do hate modern art! Only one reason really, I think it is beyond pointless and doesn’t really take any artistic talent to do (mostly). Wandering around places like the Tate Modern, you can really see the cream of the crap and how people make a name for themselves for epic non-creations. I remember one such occasion where I really got angry in the Tate in London. At then end of tour around the marvels of nonsense, there was this pencil drawing of a man. Nothing complicated and almost looked like a 9 ear old had done it. Reflecting on the planks of wood painted black, the train track sleepers arranged in a Wigwam shape and an old portable TV showing static to a kettle perched on a stool displayed earlier I said aloud, “Now look at that. I could’ve drawn that!” I walked out in disgust and with an ashamed look on my friend’s face.

I’ve never been good at art, drawing, painting, sculpting etc and I’ve always envied those who have the gift. But when the gift of creation manifest itself as something that merely any mortal messy handwriting human being can create then I’m sorry but that’s just bollocks.

Bringing me to the point of the ranting exercise was a recent excursion to Boughton House in Northamptonshire. Not all of this was bad. In fact I really enjoyed walking around the grounds and going through gates where I was probably not supposed to go. The house was enormous, un-inhabited for most of the year and quite amazingly only opened to the general public for 2 months of the year…or was it 1? Anyway, this was supposedly only due to getting the National Heritage grant from the Government to contribute towards the up-keep of the estate. Err, when you’re that wealthy and own half of Northamptonshire why would you need a grant to keep your house clean and gardens mowed?

Anyway, walking around the grounds I can across this:


On the surface it looked quite spectacular but then when I read about what it actually is and signifies I couldn’t help but shout out that this is bollocks! Set in the grounds of a 16th Century family estate, with a reflecting pool, rose garden, winter garden, fountains and luscious¬† scenery, the last thing you would expect to see is a giant modern art mess. A huge mound of earth removed to create this sort of inverse Pyramid that had a sloping path to the bottom and the tip filled in with water. What’s more amazing was that it was supposed to represent the family history…somehow. Hmm, he could have paid me hundreds of thousands of pounds to come up with that idea and then get a large excavator to create it. I mean come on!

Modern Art….FAIL. There, I’ve said it and enough said.