Holding out for strangers who I can dream with

Just a note (or two) of some music that’s been the soundtrack to my life over the past couple of months.

Sitting on the train every morning is actually quite relaxing and can empty your mind of everything about your life. I can dream for hours on trains, just staring out of the window and getting lost in my thoughts. I love to do this to music most of all, as it helps me to think and to dream. I see familiar strangers every day…sometimes I think about who they are and what they are doing, sometimes just listen to things they say. Its amazing how we all live in such close proximity to one another but do we actually notice anything about other people? I quite often spend most of my time avoiding eye contact with some people. Maybe other people are wondering why or perhaps even thinking about me as a person. Probably.

Staring out into the scenery rushing past the window is like bedtime for me. I love going to bed sometimes as I look forward to dreaming. Wondering what amazing thing I can get up to or amazing place I can visit. I quite often look forward to time when I can dream. If a nice thought enters my mind I get all excited as I can save it for later and dream about on the way home.

Some choice music that’s been helping me on the way to work everyday:

  • ‘Departure Lounge’ – Amplifier
  • ‘Protection’ – Massive Attack
  • ‘Birds’ – Emilina Torrini
  • ‘Heart Skipped a beat’ – The XX
  • ‘New Day’ – Karnivool
  • ‘Sonnet’ – The Verve
  • ‘Broken’ – Seether
  • ‘Hummer’ – Smashing Pumpkins
  • ‘Three Days’ – Jane’s Addiction
  • ‘Seasons’ – Chris Cornell
  • ‘R U Still in 2 it?’ – Mogwai

…thanks for the inspiration…and the daydreaming (when I’m most happy) :)

Daydreaming helps the world to become an even more beautiful place.