Hipstamatic Tastic

This week saw my entry into the world of paid iPhone apps. I’ve never bought one before and right when I first got my iPhone, I always said I’d never buy an app. Now I have. The reason? Simples…there’s always time to change your mind. The other reason was after seeing this app in action, I just had to get it. Quite a lot on the App Store, there are hundreds of thousands of Apps that are pretty much…well crap. I mean when you view the top rated Apps (paid or free) the vast majority of them are only ever rated 2 out of 5.

The Hipstamatic Camera app is just totally awesome! What was instantly apparent was the 4.5 star rating. Never really seen an App so highly rated so therefore, must be good. And it is!

I do love photography very much and being able to capture a specific moment in time. What is most satisfying though, is being able to capture the right effect with the camera. I’m not a fan of post-production and the Photoshop effects of digital photography. The image is much more powerful if you can capture it with the right equipment, and most of all, the good eye for the perfect shot.

Playing around with the Hipstamatic camera is really good fun. Especially with the different lenses available to give that extra effect. I haven’t really played around with the flash as again, I’m not a fan of the flash either. My favourite lens so far has to be the John S with the Blanko film. This takes an awesome ‘film noir’ image that is very dark and rough around the edges. I also love it as it makes everything look in the 1960s. So far I’ve taken mostly shots from the train in the morning but I’m going to the Leeds Carnival tomorrow so I’ll go snap happy there to get some more. Can’t wait!


I couldn’t resist the odd self portrait, so here is one that stands out: