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  • O-Rang-U-Tan Spotting in Dat Jungleee

    Thought it was quite interesting to look at the word Orangutan in more detail and it’s quite fascinating…of sorts. ‘Orangutan’ – Noun /ɔˈræŋʊˌtæn, oʊˈræŋ-, əˈræŋ-/ …a large, long-armed anthropoid ape, Pongo pygmaeus, of arboreal habits, inhabiting Borneo and Sumatra: an endangered species. (Taken from …

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  • Travel warnings can make things more exciting

    I would say that I’m a careful traveller but definitely not an irresponsible traveller. I seek adventure but definitely not danger. Having said that, there is some fun in the anticipation of landing in a country when you’re not quite sure of what to expect. …

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