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  • flying-sucks

    Flying sucks part one: airports

    Traversing the world and seeing the most amazing sights that planet earth has to show is a dream come true. For me, the excitement begins when I’ve completed the initial flight booking – I know that its game on and I start looking forward to …

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  • IMG 2801

    Adventures in Myanmar

    There have always been two countries which deeply fascinated me and both for different reasons; North Korea and Burma. Looking at both, you’d think I had some sort of┬ámilitary dictatorship obsession that led me to want to become either a communist or total fascist. Wrong …

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  • Here there and everywhere

    …”There is nothing more challenging in life than to realise your potential”. Everyday gets that little bit closer though and that little bit more exciting. There’s so much to achieve now and so many possibilities that all the waiting and heartache was worth it. Things …

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