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  • Leeds Canal

    Its as clear as black and white

    I recently got myself (finally) a new DSLR. It was quite a momentous occasion for me really as  I had been putting it off for so long. Before I go on, I’m going to have to make a promise to myself that I won’t blabber on about …

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  • Hipstamatic Tastic

    This week saw my entry into the world of paid iPhone apps. I’ve never bought one before and right when I first got my iPhone, I always said I’d never buy an app. Now I have. The reason? Simples…there’s always time to change your mind. …

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  • Its a wonderful town

    During the summer, on a hazy warm Sunday evening and being overcome with boredom, I picked up the Broadway cinema guide and thumbed through the listings. For some reason that month, I hadn’t read it as fully as it thought and missed a listing about an amazing Thai movie called ‘Wonderful Town’.

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