• The Top 9 Most Annoying Twitter Trends

    First things first. This is not an attack on Twitter, nor anyone in particular. Let’s just say that this is more of overview of the trends that people go through and follow whilst on Twitter that don’t always make it a fun place to hang …

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  • Are you of like mind?

    Can’t get this song or band out of my mind at the moment so thought I’d share this. Saw them live in Nottingham not so long ago and they were truly inspiring. I’ve just found out that they’re touring the UK again in December so …

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  • Hipstamatic Tastic

    This week saw my entry into the world of paid iPhone apps. I’ve never bought one before and right when I first got my iPhone, I always said I’d never buy an app. Now I have. The reason? Simples…there’s always time to change your mind. …

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