• Here there and everywhere

    …”There is nothing more challenging in life than to realise your potential”. Everyday gets that little bit closer though and that little bit more exciting. There’s so much to achieve now and so many possibilities that all the waiting and heartache was worth it. Things …

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  • Are fate and destiny the same thing?

    Just a brief bit of scribblings for this festive period and ahead of the impending New Year a wee bit of reflection. Two thousand and ten was quite an eventful year. In fact, it was the most eventful year since I came back from abroad …

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  • Movember Moustache Madness

    Its November and its time not to shave. The best part of this is that its all for charity. Was there a better cause to look a total tit then for charity? Well, perhaps not but its all good fun and at least we have …

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