Are fate and destiny the same thing?

Just a brief bit of scribblings for this festive period and ahead of the impending New Year a wee bit of reflection.

Two thousand and ten was quite an eventful year. In fact, it was the most eventful year since I came back from abroad I guess. The most notable thing about 2010 was how quickly it went by. One minute it was May and the next we’re having the Christmas party! One minute I was in Australia and the next I was moving cities. New job and a new life in a new city as well as a month off with a bit of travel.

One thing that reflects the past year is all the new people that I’ve met. There’s been some great friends I’ve made in some great places of the world and I’m happy to have taken chances to reap the benefits. I’m not a great believer in fate as I think it removes all control I have over my life. The things that happen are a consequence of the choices that I’ve made and fate implies that all my choices are made for me. If this were the case then out of all the millions and millions of possible outcomes open to me in my life, a predefined path has always, and always will, exist. Sorry but I don’t believe that. I see something in my life that I believe is the right thing and I go for it.

I’ve never been one of those people who has been afraid of change. Change is the only way we can make ourselves better and achieve what we desire. This is where I start to get a little contradictory in my beliefs. I do believe that everyone has a destiny to fulfil. This is of course subjective to every person and is not always the achievement of enlightenment, becoming a multi-millionaire orĀ  composing a symphony. Everyone has something that they all aspire to be or do. There is a point at which we reach the one thing that we’ve always wanted and I believe this is the point of destiny.

Not everyone is the same and we all have our different goals. Some set the bar higher than others and this is what creates the richness and diversity of human beings. Finding your destiny is about a life journey. Taking chances. Trying something new. Experiencing as much as you can. This is where I feel my destiny lies. I come from a family of travellers so this is partly in my blood. But the same family is also one who are not afraid to move around and almost be a little nomadic. The older I get, the more comfortable I get with doing this and that is what makes things so exciting.

2010 was a year that I got my search for destiny back on track. The start of the year was painful, the middle of the year was confusing but the end of the year has been awesome. The new people I have met are special and I know that this will be a new stepping stone in my story.

Its good to feel excited again. One thing that brought this to my attention was re-reading my first interview. Hopefully many more to come but here I can share a little as its sometimes good to celebrate your successes: