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Travels with my Camera

I have been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places. I do consider it luck as there are many places in the world where people can’t travel to see and experience the things I have done. In that sense I have always tried to be a responsible traveller, being respectful of cultures, learning from people, trying new things and always talking to people. I adopted an approach that my Brother in Law calls ‘Going Local’. This way you always experience life as the locals do and learn so much in the process.

My favourite places I’ve been have to be:

  • Thailand – such a beautiful place
  • Japan – some of the most amazing sights of human achievement
  • New Zealand – apart from the stunning beauty I had the time of my life there
  • Indonesia – fell in love with this place instantly
  • Cambodia – an emotional experience that I will never forget

Teaching English

Quite an amazing experience to work and live abroad and not to mention the challenge. After working a medial office job for the Local Government when I returned from travelling, I often stared out of the window thinking there was so much more to experience. I do remember however, the deciding factor for me to do it was after attending an interview for a London based marketing company. It was such a negative “we don’t really care about people” experience that I decided there and then.

“Change can be hard on the ego but often does you the world of good”. I’m a firm believer in this and I’ve never been someone to back away from trying something new. So after some change meetings with people I listened to my heart and left for Thailand. Things really fell into place quickly and that is when you know they are meant to be. I completed an official TEFL course and emerged a qualified English Teacher. Soon later I was working in a small school on the Island of Koh Samui (hence the SamuiStu) teaching to 10 year old children. An experience I will never forget and I will always consider Thailand my second home.

Living in SE Asia

After teaching in Thailand (voluntary work can kill the bank balance after a while) I flipped a coin and decided on Taiwan. The plan was to continue teaching but as luck would have it I ended up working for B&Q in the HR Department. A strange twist but something I embraced with open arms. For over a year I lived and breathed Chinese culture, making friends and learning about business and people management from my mentor Henry. This was the beginning of the Chinese focus.

I’ve lived in many different places but I am happiest on a beach with the sand between my toes and a beautiful sunset to watch. Living in the warmth is where I’ll always be.