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Tai Pan Self PortraitThe TaiPan – eCommerce & Online Marketing

This is the home of The TaiPan. I have worked in various forms of the Online World for over 8 years, including areas such as digital advertising (SEO, SEM, SEA) together with TTL advertising, Branding, PR, Social Media and web development. This site is to introduce not only The TaiPan but to be a collection of my thoughts, opinions, interests and other things that make me smile.

eCommerce //

Since starting my eCommerce site I have worked on the development of many brands both national and international. My experience of operations within business management has given me the greater understanding of businesses and how to make them succeed online. This mostly consists of managing the marketing budgets of existing online stores to improve conversion and working with a major household brands with online sales in excess of £200 million.

SEO & Online Marketing //

I’ve been working in the online world for over 8 years in many different projects and have a unique position of experience in both client side and agency side. I started off working in Search Engine Optimisation but diverged into all aspects of online and social media marketing. Now I develop online strategies for businesses to maximise the return on their marketing spend as well as integrate into the wider marketing mix.

Travelling //

One of my greatest passions in life is seeing and experiencing new cultures. This has taken me not only all over Europe but as far as the land of the Rising Sun. Being a backpacker reached its height when I departed the shores of Blighty to seek something more enriching and teach English in the Far East. This progressed from a TEFL qualification to a teaching job and then on to something completely different in international HR. I still love to travel all over the world and managed to visit 4 different countries on 3 continents in 2009. I have previously been a travel blogger for STA Travel

Photography //

To compliment my travels I have taken as many photographs as possible. Although I’ve not entered in any competitions, I still feel proud of my photographic portfolio and have a burning desire to improve my skills. View a few choice samples of in my photo portfolio.

Guitar Music //

What is life without music? I’m no guitar hero but if I had to choose a favourite object in the world it would be my guitar. All things are rock and life is loud. There is nothing better than the sound of valve distortion cranked up to the max with ears set to deafness. If there are no guitars present…I’m not interested!