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  • I work in the world of digital advertising and brand creative
  • I travel a lot
  • I play guitars
  • One day I shall WILL have an Aston Martin
  • I can be sarcastic
  • I take photos – but not usually of me
  • I am a morning person
  • I laugh at the small things
  • I work for a boss but I am also the boss
  • I love all things rock!
  • I daydream all the time
  • I never give up searching…


TaiPan is a Cantonese term (大班 Dàbān) used for the leaders of the big Western Businesses in Hong Kong in the late 19th Century. I kind of liked it and it stuck, so it became my pseudonym. This is the personal site of The Tai Pan for all the ramblings, thoughts, ideas, laughs, smiles and inner workings of a person from planet Earth. There’s a lot of beauty in this world…you just have to open your eyes.